Is It Safe to Get a Tattoo in Bali?

It is not hard to find Bali Tattoo Studios here, especially on the south coast like Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. However, choosing the best Bali Tattoo Studios is a little bit difficult, and you don’t want to end up with a little regret for the rest of your life, right? The professionalism, skills and experience of the artists is one thing, but the quality and cleanliness of the Bali Tattoo Studios are also important.


Getting Tattooed in Bali: How To

It’s 2020 and tattooing as a global industry is bigger and safer than ever before. Bali, Indonesia, is Asia’s leading destination for travel tattoos. And it’s also our duty, as Indonesian and also as one of the best tattoo artists in Bali, to promote Bali ink tattoo. For your safety and satisfaction, here’s what you need to do before getting Bali ink tattoo:


How to Ensure You Choose a Best Tattoo Artist in Bali

Take your time and choose an artist you feel comfortable with. Make sure you have confidence in their abilities before getting started. However, how is it exactly that you can find a studio or best tattoo artist in Bali that suits you best? Here’s how:


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