Draw Ink Tattoo was established August 2019 in Bali, Indonesia. We offer fresh concept and best service in the field of tattoo and piercing. Right in the heart of Bali, conveniently located close to shopping centers, beaches and clubs, between Seminyak and Sunset Road (in front of THE TRANS RESORT BALI).

We have international class artists, friendly staff and guaranteed equipment made in the USA, Germany and Australia. We highly maintained hygiene, cleanliness and customer convenience; and that is our top priority.

At Draw Ink Tattoo Studio, we strive for the highest quality of work. Consulting with our artist will request a proper sit down consultation. Consulting with our artist allows both parties to express their ideas and establish a solid design. For simpler design, a consultation isn't always necessary, but feel free to ask if you have any questions.

We always try and do our best to provide the best results. We are committed to respecting and preserving the art of tattooing. Visit our shop and create your new and best experience with luxurious quality tattoos on the island of Bali.

Best regards,

"Don't be afraid to go BIGGER"





We would like to recommend ourselves as your tattooist. Why? Here’s why:

  1. We are the specialist of big tattoos. Just like our tagline “Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bigger”.
  2. The pricing is according to the artists you chose.
  3. Our bed capacity is up 40 beds, that is A LOT of beds.
  4. Every equipment used is imported from the USA, Germany and Australia.

Book your tattoo session at Largest Tattoo Studio in Seminyak Bali!

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